What we’re about

This is a resource set us by a firm of UK and European patent attorneys. Our aim is, for a nominal charge, to stop people getting scammed by identifying whether a letter received by them asking for payment is genuine or not. The benefit of being backed by a firm of patent attorneys is that we are regulated. We’re not the bad guys!


For a number of years now, we have been approached by our clients with copies of unsolicited mail asking us for help. The letters would ask for payment. Our clients would not know whether to pay or not. To the untrained eye, the correspondence can be, at best confusing, and at worst misleading. How do you know whether the letter you are receiving needs dealing with or ignoring? Sometimes, we were approached after receipt of a second letter, a first invoice having been paid in ignorance. After a short back-of-an-envelope calculation, we estimated that a very large number of bogus letters are sent our and quite a proportion of the requests for payment are paid netting the scammers £m’s!

It’s not fair play

We say: that’s not fair! At first we looked at ways of shutting these people down, as did the various government authorities, but we soon came to reaslise, even if there was a way in law to shut these people down, they would only spring up again. A bit like a lump under a carpet: you squash it down, only to find it appearing somewhere else!!

We became increasingly upset that companies and individuals were being, as we saw it, fleeced! So, we decided to create an on-line resource, which for a nominal fee (less than 2% of the amount being asked per query) could be used to demystify these letters and make sure that you are able to make an informed decision.